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Personal Service Realty's Residential Valuation Group is experienced when it comes to bank owned properties in Duval

Homes in foreclosure and houses that have gone back to the lender's control present unique appraisal challenges.

When dealing with a house in foreclosure, you should recognize the difference between fair market worth and "quick disposition" worth to know your likely charge-off liability. Personal Service Realty's Residential Valuation Group has the training in both supplying snapshots of fair market value for our mortgage servicing clients, as well as "quick sale" forecasts that take into consideration your timeline.

The professionals at Personal Service Realty's Residential Valuation Group have the qualifications to work with the unique dynamics of a foreclosure appraisal. For a company you can count on, contact Personal Service Realty's Residential Valuation Group.

Particular challenges may be present when dealing with owners of properties in foreclosure. They may be opposed to allowing an inspection of the house. Sometimes the subjects have been intentionally damaged, unfortunately at the hands of the former residents. Or, it's common to find a house at least abandoned or the home languishing in disrepair for long of time.

For real estate that has gone back to REO, you typically will want to get rid of it quickly . But you may want to know and review three values: as-is, as repaired, and "quick sale." These symbolize the value of the property without any repairs done to it, with the work called for to make the home marketable at full market value corresponding with the other homes in the area, and, somewhere in between, with minor investment in repairs - selling the property quickly, seemingly to someone who'd rather finish the job themselves. Again, we understand your time line and the special circumstances of a bank owned house, as well as the specific information you'll need -- competing listings, neighborhood trends, and the like. You can rely on Personal Service Realty's Residential Valuation Group to take on the appraisal of your REO professionally and efficiently. Contact us today.

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